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Princess Birgitta has her birthday


Princess Birgitta of Sweden is one of the very few princesses from a reigning royal family who are not too fond of maintaining contacts with journalists and occasionally even allowing photographers to enter their private residence. Yesterday, Carl Gustaf's sister celebrated her 75th birthday and chatted with Swedish court rapporteurs about her happy life.

She finds it pleasant to grow older, said Princess Birgitta in the interview. Then you do not need to shake hands, you can say whatever you want. Willingly, Princess Birgitta also told how carefree her life is on the sunny island of Majorca, which she retired many years ago. They play golf with friends every day, they enjoy the sea view from their apartment terrace and watch a lot of television in the evening.

Occasionally she also visits her old home, revealed Princess Birgitta, who grew up in Stockholm together with three sisters - Margaretha, Désiré, Christina - and brother Carl Gustaf in Haga Castle. In that palace, where recently Crown Princess Victoria and Daniel moved in and in which they now feverishly the birth of their first child.

Before moving to Mallorca, Princess Birgitta lived in Munich with her husband, Prince Johann Georg von Hohenzollern, with whom she has been married for 50 years. Both distanced themselves from a marriage, which was nevertheless harmonious, Princess Birgitta emphasized, which the Swedes can confirm, because they still perform together at state-sponsored events in Stockholm, even if they go their separate ways.

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