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Princess Ariane has no lung problem

Maxima and Princess Ariane. The little one has no lung problem!
Photo: Getty images

The court gives the all-clear

With our neighbors in Holland these days the news of horror was circulating that the little princess Ariane (4) reportedly suffers from severe lung problems again. It was said that Crown Princess Máxima of the Netherlands traveled to Miami / USA with her youngest daughter to visit a special clinic there. But in the meantime the court published a denial under pressure from the public and let it be known that the story was so wrong. That means all-clear. Accordingly, Princess Ariane is well. Nourished were the speculations published in the media, because the four-year-old actually had several health problems in the past. For example, in April 2007 Queen Beatrix's granddaughter had to be rushed back to hospital immediately after giving birth because she had difficulty breathing. A few months later, Máxima hospitalized her child in Argentina, possibly for similar reasons. Then in 2009 it became known that Princess Ariane came to Apeldoorn by ambulance in a clinic. Even there, the lungs should have been to blame.