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Prince Harry: In the footsteps of Harry Potter

Prince and Wizard Student: Harry may be both.
Photo: Collage: Getty Images / imago / i Images / Unimedia Images

With wand on movie tour

Now he is allowed to swing the wand of Harry Potter: Prince Harry (28) is on April 26 visit with his brother William (30) and his wife Kate (31), the film set of "Harry Potter" . This is reported by the "Billet-Bladet".

Then Harry can finally officially let out the child in the man again. Finally, he had tried honestly to give quite mature and reasonable to the charming prince. And he succeeded quite well.

But the "naked scandal" in Las Vegas still depends on him - and his assignment in Afghanistan could not change that. Therefore, it is still for Prince Harry to collect sympathy points.

At the end of April, he will now tour the "Harry Potter" film studios in Leavesden, England with William and Kate . The program includes an introduction to the use of magic wands and a demonstration of special effects.

A few special effects could probably use Prince Harry now and then. In the Diagon Alley, the famous shopping street from "Harry Potter", the Prince can then stock up with the appropriate equipment. Such an invisibility cloak would certainly be beneficial in some situations ...