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Prince Charles is learning Arabic

Prince Charles wanted to learn Arabic - but somehow it's not his language ...
Photo: AFP / Getty Images

Journey through the Middle East

It would have been so nice: Prince Charles (64) on state visit in the Middle East delighted with language skills in Arabic . That was apparently the plan. But the Crown Prince, who speaks French fluently and even a little German, had not expected the complexity of the language.

At a reception in Quatar, the heir to the throne was asked, according to the "Mirror", if he would speak Arabic and revealed: "I tried to learn it, but then gave up, it goes in one ear and the other out again."

Dr. Mohammed bin Saleh al-Sada, Quatar Energy Minister, encouraged him: "It's never too late to learn."

Quite Prince Charles has not given up yet. He later reported that he had been studying Arabic with a tutor for six months and would continue to do so. Some time ago, Charles was already trying on Welsh - and failed.

The Orient, however, would fascinate him, said Charles. Even his relentless commitment to mediate between religions could be an incentive to learn Arabic - after all, Charles could then read the Koran.