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Couple selfie out of bed: Lena Gercke and Sami Khedira

Lena Gercke & Sami Khedira Selfie

Sami Khedira makes you on "top model" and Lena Gercke just means "Fuck Off"? A funny bed selfie of the dream couple of the German football world made us really smile.

Couple selfie out of bed: Lene Gercke and Sami Khedira
Photo: @lenagercke on Instagram

Nice if a couple does not lose the humor in bed! "Germany's Next Top Model" winner Lena Gercke and world champion kicker Sami Khedira seem to judge that sleep mask selfie to have great fun in bed before going to bed. Lena posted the photo on September 30, 2014 (@lenagercke on Instagram) and said, "What an attitude!"

Selfies out of bed? Nothing new for these stars:

Maybe the picture is only a small indication that Lena is a little morning muffle that you would rather not get close to in the morning. That's why the message "Fuck Off" on the sleep mask? Well, actually, we can not imagine the model, who always carries a smile on his lips, not miserable!

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