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PolitikHagen: Greens want to ban stone and gravel paths in front gardens

Who wants to build a house in Hagen, will probably get new editions: The Greens call for a ban on stone paths in front gardens.

In order to protect the microclimate, front gardens should be built without concrete.
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Gravel, stones, gravel - many German front gardens look covered with concrete. The Greens want to change in Hagen now: The party calls for home builders a ban on stone paths of all kinds in front gardens. The reason serves the environment: Where no plants are, no animal can live . Hans-Georg Panzer, council member and chairman of the environmental committee, calls for green front gardens: "This way the sealing of the front gardens can be avoided."

Ban on stones to create habitat for animals

Many front gardens are not planted because they do more work. A fallacy when it comes to tanks: "In gravel gardens, a sub-fleece is usually laid, high-growth plants such as dandelion, stinging nettle or greed will not let you fight long term." The politician therefore demand that it will be mandatory in future to plant the front yard "Perennials, ground covers and evergreens are easy to maintain and contribute to '... the regulation of the microclimate, " according to Panzer: " Butterflies, wild bees and birds will find an ideal habitat in an appropriate plantation, and garden owners will benefit from the pleasant climate ."


Concrete deserts are also office manager Ralf-Rainer Braun makes little sense: " A bad development, which I do not consider up to date ."

Marian Sallermann from the garden and landscaping company in Hagen with the same name warned against the bee and insect death and said the waz : "We want to shake people awake, otherwise we should not be surprised if soon no fruit grows on the trees ." Sallermann even rejects Orders, provided that a customer insists on gravel front gardens.

Does the ban on sealed front gardens also apply retroactively?

"Do I have to completely rebuild my front yard?", You might ask yourself now. No, because according to Greens, the project should apply only to those who want to build a house and do not apply retroactively.

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