Recommended, 2022

Editor'S Choice

Place plate and nameplate made of folded paper

  • 2 sheets of 30.5 x 30.5 cm scrapbooking paper in mint colors (eg

      by RICO Design; Craft store; Sheet about 1 Euro)
    • Adhesive film (eg from Tesa)
    • Structure paper in lilac colors (craft shop)
    • Remaining construction paper in gray
    • Woven tape in gray (eg "Ribbons" by RICO Design, craft shop)
    • ruler
    • pencil
    • Cutter and cutting mat or scissors
    • compasses
    • pinking shears
    • Thin felt pen in black
    • Hot glue gun and hot glue

    1. For the "platter", cut a sheet of mint scrapbooking paper into 4 cm wide strips.

    2. Fold the paper strips accordion-like, the fold depth should be approx. 2 cm.

    3. Stick the finished strips with adhesive tape until the required length is reached (depending on the size and shape of the plate). Then glue the strips together to form a circle.

    4. For the rose from the mint-colored paper, cut two strips of 4.5 x 27 cm, fold accordion-like. The pleat depth is approx. 1.5 cm.

    5. Glue together the two folded strips with adhesive tape to form a rosette.

    6. Make a smaller rosette from the lilac-colored paper.

    7. Draw a circle about 4 cm in diameter on the gray paper, cut it out with the pinking scissors, inscribe it with a name.

    8. Approx. Cut off 25 cm of gray tape.

    9. Assemble rosette parts with hot glue.