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Peter Alexander: In the end, he did not want to live anymore

Eight years after the painful death of his beloved wife Hilde

He was the good mood in person, enchanted us with his songs, his films. Now Peter Alexande is dead. He died lonely and heartbroken. When he was on stage, all everyday worries were forgotten. His tuxedo sat like a real gentleman, the bow tie always tied correctly, the hairdo so cute. And when he smiled, then this fine man reminded again and again of a rascal who has it fist thick behind the ears.

Peter Alexander († 84) was a gifted entertainer. Yes, he really was Peter the Great. He had the divine gift to inspire his audience from the first minute and to enchant with his Viennese humor. And he was never arrogant, just warm, honest and friendly. He lived his motto - and that meant, "To see the nice thing that is in all people." Now Peter Alexander is dead. And although he had already ended his career in 2003, this tears a big hole. Millions of people cry bitter tears. For the hope that he nevertheless once again appears on television and for a few moments the beautiful old times bring back, has gone out. But perhaps the saddest thing is how Peter Alexander died. Nobody held his hand in the last hours. He was alone. His cook found him in the morning in the bed of his villa in Vienna. As surprising as the death message was - actually Peter died much earlier. Because his dying began when he wore his wife Hilde to the grave in 2003. For 50 long years, he and his "Schnurrdiburr", as he tenderly called them, were a dream couple. Hilde was THE woman at his side. Not a single day in this happy marriage, they were separated. Hilde was manager, lover, mother of his two children Susanne († 50) and Michael (47). She adjusted his clothes, managed the money as Secretary of the Treasury, but resigned when the spotlights were on her Peter Alexander. She was his life. But on the 30th of March 2003 the perfect world of Peter Alexander broke : Hilde died at the age of 81 of the aftermath of a fractured femoral neck. She had fallen, was previously 500 days in the hospital. Peter Alexander withdrew completely after the loss of his wife back from the public. He crawled like a slug in her house. With the death of his wife also his laughter died. Perhaps he found some comfort in attending her grave at dawn when he communed with her. Above all, daughter gave him Susanne, who looked like her mother looked like cut out of her face. But six years after Hilde Alexander's death, March was again to become a fateful month: daughter Susanne, who moved as an artist from Vienna to the island Ko Samui (Thailand), died in a car accident. Bitter: She was not wearing a seatbelt. Susanne was only 50 years old. When Peter Alexander heard this bad news, he finally collapsed. How does one live a life without the courage to live? - It must have been unbearably difficult for Peter Alexander, although he had good friends who cared for him. Although his fortune is millions of euros and he was physically healthy. Even son Michael and his two grown-up grandchildren Marlene (22) and Philip (20) could not comfort him. He no longer played the piano, did not turn on the TV to watch the beloved sports programs. His soul bore sadness. If there is a sky, then Peter Alexander certainly has a special place there - united with daughter Susanne and his Hilde. And he will certainly sing as well, perhaps the love song "A good team" that he once dedicated to his Hilde. On earth he quietly said goodbye. Thank you, Peter Alexander, for giving it to you ...

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