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Perfect for spring: we love the boho plus size look

You just have to love this boho tunic
Photo: Nina Wolves

Embroidery, flowers and colorful colors: Winner of the Navabi Curvy Blog Award Nina Wolves explains how the cool boho look goes.

The weather could not be better right now. The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and spring fever is already coming. It could be a bit warmer, but I already got my first spring dress out of the closet. Again, a typical "Nina dress" ... with the boho embroidery and the wide, flowing skirt just an absolute dream.

Still a trend in 2016 - The end of the boho trend has been predicted since last spring, but it will come back again this year. And even more than before. Hippie, Ethno and Gipsy styles mix to the absolute trend of stars and starlets. Everyone loves the casual little ones, lace tops, leather skirts and colorful accessories, shoes with pompoms, tassels and pompoms. For me, too, these looks exude pure joie de vivre and summer. You can see each other at festivals or summer parties and hope for the balmy summer nights.

The Coachella Festival epitomizes the boho look and is currently being over-hyped. Soon it will be time again and in mid-April the city of Indio in California turns into a hippie party stronghold. I'm looking forward to the great outfits of the stars and bloggers who will visit the festival. After a few months of wetness and cold, I can hardly wait any longer and already wear my beloved boho dress. Although with tights and long sleeves, but it wakes a little summer feeling in me.