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Does a short hairstyle fit your star sign?

What does a short hairstyle have to do with the sign of the zodiac? Quite a lot, because every star sign has certain character traits

What star sign does a short hairstyle fit?
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  1. Aries 21.03.-20.04.
  2. Bull 21.04.-20.05.
  3. Gemini 21.05.-21.06.
  4. Cancer 22.06.-22.07.
  5. L we 23.07.-23.08.
  6. Virgin 24.08.-23.09.
  7. Libra 24.09.-23.10.
  8. Scorpio 24.10.-22.11.
  9. Treasures 23.11.-21.12.
  10. Capricorn 22.12.-20.01.
  11. Aquarius 21.01.-19.02.
  12. Fish 20.02.-20.03.

, Short hair does not suit every type. We help you to find the right Astro hairstyle.

Aries 21.03.-20.04.

Short & of course - that's best for Aries

The ram loves life, wants to try a lot and is therefore busy around the clock. For complex and complicated hairstyles he has no time in his turbulent everyday life. A practical Kurzhaarfrisur that requires little styling comes just right. Just puffing, put some wax in the tips - done! But to make the whole thing look good, the cut must fit perfectly.

Bull 21.04.-20.05.

A touch of sensuality: bulls like it elegant

The bull is a very sensual star sign. No wonder that bull-women prefer hairstyles that emphasize their femininity. They feel most comfortable with a lush and elegant hairstyle. It becomes difficult, however, when the hair gets thinner in old age. Because bulls are stubborn and are reluctant to dissuade from a cherished habit. Here is the persuasiveness of a good barber asked.

Gemini 21.05.-21.06.

The twin loves short curls with highlights

Twins often have clear, beautiful faces. Hairstyles that release the forehead and emphasize the symmetry of her face are perfect for them. The twin always seems to be moving, he loves it airy and light. A short curly hairstyle with highlights harmonizes well with this lively, open character. Many twins are very creative and always like changing hairstyles.

Cancer 22.06.-22.07.

Romance for the sensitive cancer

Cancer women are very sensitive. They can empathize well with other people and are vulnerable themselves. Romantic, soft hairstyles match this emotional type. For fine hair, these are feminine cuts, in which the hair falls loose in the face. If the hair is stronger, it may also be curls that play around the face. Even hairstyles with gentle braiding technique are recommended.

Lion 23.07.-23.08.

Lions want to attract attention and like to dare something new

Many lion women actually wear luxuriantly flowing lion's manes, as they often have enviably strong hair. Some also like it curly. In any case, they like to experiment with their hair. Often they change the hair color. Everything that is noticeable, is to their liking, such as. B. colorful hair bands. After all, the lion loves little more than catching everyone's eye.

Virgin 24.08.-23.09.

Everything under control: That's what the maiden likes

The maiden likes to be neat, her life is usually well structured. She is down-to-earth, pragmatic and grounded. Well, you are a classic bobsled or a simple wedding hairstyle. Any shrill artificial hair colors are not her thing at all. Blonde highlights, a rich shade of brown, highest even a touch of copper - that's how the maiden feels - and well-styled.

Libra 24.09.-23.10.

The Libra loves it practically, classically, well

The quest for harmony and balance has been placed in the balance of the Libra. Also in the hairstyle Libra women prefer symmetry and balance. A classic cut is good for them. But the hairstyle has to be practical too. She does not want to do a lot of work with her hair. Once dried with the hair dryer and then shaken briefly - so it is perfect for you.

Scorpio 24.10.-22.11.

Scorpions are mysterious seducers

Scorpio women have a passionate, uncompromising personality. What they do, they do it completely - also and especially in love. For others, however, they are often difficult to decipher, remain puzzling. The strong scorpion character also demands an expressive hairstyle, a bit off the mainstream. The decisive factor is always a clear graphic line.

Sagittarius 23.11.-21.12.

Long live freedom: Sagittarius likes it casual

The shooter has a wild character. His motto is: who dares, wins. He also likes to try something on his hair. It may be a bit crazy and fancy, or cool and casual. Just not thumping and bombastic. But all in all, Sagittarius women display a charming lightness: neither their hair nor their hair takes them too seriously.

Capricorn 22.12.-20.01.

Capricorns love traditions and rituals

For most Capricorn women hairstyles with middle or side apex are surprisingly good. Maybe they have already missed such a hairstyle as a child and learned to appreciate them. A once beloved tradition sets a Capricorn namely, very reluctant again. Rituals and conventions give structure to his life. He may remain loyal to his barber for life.

Aquarius 21.01.-19.02.

Please uncomplicated: Long hair for the Aquarius

The freedom-loving Aquarius does not like to be constricted, not even by an impractical hairstyle. The hair should do as little work as possible. A simple longhair hairstyle with or without pony is the typical Aquarius woman's face. Also, she loves it spontaneously and uncomplicatedly. Long planned hairdressing appointments are not for her at all - she prefers to reach for the scissors herself.

Fish 20.02.-20.03.

Fish love girly coquettish

The fish-woman exudes girlish charm even in old age. She feels good when longer hair softly surrounds her face. This underlines the coquette of her character. However, many fish-women avoid cost reasons, the frequent walk to the barber. This is a mistake, because not only short but long hair always needs a good cut again. You will see!