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Paper garland from chickens

  • 1 sheet of cream / brown colored paper in DIN A0
  • Acrylic paint in red
  • ruler
  • pencil
  • paper scissors
  • Small pointy scissors
  • brush

1. The paper sheet in approx.

Cut 10 cm long strips.

2. Fold strips in zigzag fold to 7 cm width (or according to the chicken template).

3. Draw a chicken on top of the paper with a pencil. Make sure that the belly and the backside reach in width to the edge of the paper. This is important so that the figures can be placed in a garland and connected to each other.

4. Cut out the figure with a small sharp pair of scissors.

5. Pull the chicken garland apart and set it up.

6. Paint red accents on the crest and beak with red lacquer.

7. Possibly. cut off a chicken from the garland, give it a name and B. put in a cup.