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Couple gets baby in the car - in front of hospital

Photo: Screenshot WFMY News 2

Lightning Baby is born in the car

Megan and Jared Hasty are looking forward to their baby. When the contractions begin, you make your way to the hospital - but everything goes faster than you ever thought possible ...

It is the second child for Jared Hasty and his wife Megan. The couple from Atlanta already has a two-year-old son named Davis. Now a girl should make the family happiness of the Hastys perfect. The two parents already have experience in having children, and so they do not panic when Megan starts having his labor in the morning.

Her daughter is to be born in the nearest Piedmont Hospital. The first called doctor confirms the family that they can remain relaxed, the birth would have plenty of time - and they could slowly but surely come to the hospital.

But doctor and parents have apparently not made the bill with the baby in the stomach. In the car on the way to the hospital, it happens: "When we drove to Collier Road, we knew: Now it will happen! There really was only time left to stop the car - and then she was born, " says Mother Megan,

Baby Nora and her mother are fine. One minute later, the small family reaches the hospital by car. At the place they meet Dr. Leigh Miles. She is surprised that the patient has already had her baby and checks in small Nora directly: "Pink skin, to breathe - that's all you could wish for, an absolute miracle, an absolute blessing."

Three days later, Jared and Megan Hasty bring their daughter home. "We are so grateful that everyone is going well in the end, it's a real happy ending, " Megan concludes.

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