Recommended, 2022

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Oriental table decoration

20 minutes

  • Paper in turquoise approx. 100g / qm (department store, stationery department)
  • Paper punch with moon motif (craft shop)
  • Golden colored pencil
  • Decorative balls in gold (z.
      From the depot)
    • white dishes
    • Golden vases (eg from the depot)
    • 4 stems Calla in pink
    • Small glasses with silver pattern (eg from Green Gate)
    • Oriental lamps (deco shop)
    • Table runner in turquoise (eg sewn or department store)
    • Fabric napkin in turquoise (eg from Esprit)
    • scissors


    1. Cut paper strips of 20 x 11 cm and fold in the middle.

    2. Use scissors to cut the upper part of the folding card into a dome (the card must be open at the side).

    3. Punch the moon out of the dome. Label with gold pen.

    4. The menu can be placed in the folded card.

    5. Place card and decorative ball in the bowl.

    6. Decorate the table.