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One Direction: Harry Styles does everything for love

One Direction: Harry Styles is a romantic

Harry Styles

There is a reason why millions of girls swarm for it. The singer is not only good-looking, but also a hopeless romantic. The 18-year-old now revealed that he would do pretty much anything for the love of his life: "I do not care a blue eye or a broken arm because of a girl as long as she's there to kiss the injuries, "Harry told the Twist magazine. So so! Even though we are against any kind of violence, we are sure that a lot of girls would not mind kissing Harry's wounds. So Harry's dream woman should be What qualities should Harry's dream woman still have? "I'm not picky about the girls I like, as long as she has a good sense of humor and does not take life too seriously, " Harry revealed. Despite his success with "One Direction, " Harry has stayed on the ground, preferring dates with Mexican food and a walk in the moonlight. "I want a girlfriend I can pamper or call in the middle of the night to talk, " Harry said