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Grandma gets tattooed: Do not resuscitate !!!

Photo: Facebook / Milligans

Tattoo of the last will

It's a tattoo with a message that this grandma has stung. On her chest are the words "Do not resuscitate !!!" tattooed.

Nel Bolten is a proud 91 years old and fit. Nevertheless, the grandmother has now made a decision: She has lived her life and would not be revived in case of cardiac arrest. She was afraid of a life tied to the bed. Resuscitation is out of the question for them for this reason.

It is this decision that drives the 91-year-old now just in a tattoo parlor. There, the grandma tattooed her last will on the heart . Said, done: Your cleavage now adorn the clear words "Do not reanimate !!! I am 91+ ". This is how Nel Bolten got her personal living order.

There is, however, a catch on her last wish. The tattoo does not replace an official document. This must be carried by a person in the form of a living will. An alternative is a special medallion on the neck of the patient. But Nel Bolten does not trust this variant.

If the moment of resuscitation actually occurs, the grandmother wants to make sure that her wish will not be overlooked. Both the patient's order and the locket are easily lost in the hustle and bustle with the tattoo on her chest hoping that her last will will be respected.

Contribution of Milligans.