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Olivia Palermo loves her brooches

Favorite parts of the stars: Olivia Palermo

How to give her outfits the perfect fashion touch, Oilivia Palermo has really gone out. Namely with her favorite brooches.

Favorite parts of the stars
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As often as possible, the fashionista wears her pretty accessory favorites. We show even more favorite parts of the stars here.

Of course we also have our favorite parts and the stars. In the case of Olivia Palermo, there are even two identical pieces of jewelry. The New Yorker was given the glittering brooch duo by her mother as she revealed to the People magazine. On March 27, 2013, Olivia gave a black leather mini dress an extra dose of style by quickly tucking the two lapel pins into the neckline.

The favorite parts of stars like Olivia Palermo shows the gallery!

But even a simple wool sweater, the two pieces of jewelry can give an elegant look. At the London Fashion Week in September 2012 Olivia Palermo wore a mustard yellow knit top to a dark red skinny jeans and of course her two favorite pieces were also there: The brooches glittered seductively on the collar. And because these are favorite pieces that you would like to wear as often as possible, the brooch duo came to the action again at the London Fashion Week.

Olivia Palermo has a personal connection to her favorite jewelry pieces

To visit the Anya Hindmarch show on September 18, 2012, Olivia Palermo styled in sun-yellow skinny jeans, gray sweater and emerald green blazer. Of course, her favorite accessories glittered left and right on her lapels. We are thrilled with the diverse styling possibilities of this brooch duo and eager to see what outfit Olivia Palermo will spice up next with her favorite pieces.

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