Recommended, 2022

Editor'S Choice

Oktoberfest vase

  • 3 beer bottles
  • Drinking glass (department store, about 1.50 Euro)
  • Gift ribbon in white and checkered blue and white
  • Edelweiss (z.

      From ebos)
    • All-purpose glue (eg from UHU)
    • Pins with head
    • about 3 stems dahlias in red
    • 3 stalks Eustoma in white
    • about 2 stems gentian
    • scissors
    • knife

    1. Soak empty beer bottles to peel off the labels.

    2. Wrap dry bottles and the glass with white ribbon.

    3. Stick on edelweiss.

    4. Assemble the bottles and the glass, wrap with the checkerband and tie a loop. Stick edelweiss to the checkerboard with a pin.

    5. Fill the containers with water, cut the flowers diagonally and put them in place.