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Definition, causes and course of earache

Earache is a symptom of infection or irritation. Our ears are not among the vital organs, but can cause the most severe earache . Cause of earache is in many cases an infestation with bacteria. These penetrate about with contaminated water in the ear. Because the middle ear is connected to the nasopharynx, constipation and inflammation, and thus earache, can easily occur in the course of a flu infection. You must definitely treat a middle ear infection . When earache there is a risk that the germs spread and cause meningitis (meningitis). The viral infection mumps leads to painful swelling of the parotid glands. Ear bumps, changes in air pressure, noise, ear damage, bruising or ear wax blockage are also often causes of discomfort. And it must not be forgotten that tooth and jaw problems can also be the cause of earache .

Cause of pain in a middle ear infection: pus can not drain and exerts enormous pressure. Hearing is often weakened by ear infections. If the ear pain suddenly subsides, the eardrum is probably torn. It usually grows again by itself. Pressure and foreign body sensations can be caused by earwax obstruction.

Treatment of earache

Bacterial inflammation that causes earache heals well in the course of antibiotic therapy. Drops, even nose drops, relieve acute earache. Have earplugs removed professionally in the doctor's office.

Prevention and self-help with earache

One should not clean his ears with cotton swabs, because there is a risk of injury. Ears cleanse themselves. Otherwise, it is hardly possible to effectively prevent ear pain, as they are mainly caused by virus infections. To minimize the risk, it is important to support the immune system. For this you should eat rich in vitamins and balanced and drink enough.