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Only a mistake? Danish newspaper shows almost starved model

Yes, clearly, one

Too thin to stand? This is how this model works
Photo: Twitter

thin model is no longer something new. We have become accustomed to size zero, matchstick sleeves and pointed cheekbones. But the model, which has now been reprinted by the Danish magazine Cover , looks almost dead.

It looks like you've got shifted, far too long limbs: The young model, the cover shows in a "sporty" pose holds a basketball in front of him. Hard to imagine how the almost starved girl moves at all. The full extent of her obviously heavy underweight is not visible due to a long woolen dress.

Of course, the question arises immediately why a magazine prints such a model at times when the trend is clearly more curves . As Cover announced on their own Facebook page, it is a mistake. Editor-in-Chief Malene Malling explains: "I have not taken on my responsibilities as publisher, wife and mother, I'm sorry." Normally, the magazine attaches great importance to modeling healthy models .

On the Internet, this further lean model scandal hits high circles. It is rightly asked: How can this happen to a magazine like Cover? After all, dozens of people look over a page before it is printed. But no one seems to have noticed the obviously pathologically thin model . In the meantime, the hashtag #covergate is already circulating through the internet.

We hope that Cover will print his actual posture on Healthy Models more rigorously in the future. Because we do not want to see such photos!

Le magazine de mode #Cover choque avec la photo d'un mannequin anorexique #covergate

- Stelda (@CasStelda) February 26, 2015

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