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Noodles without Carbohydrates: Slim Pasta, Shirataki & Co.

How delicious, a plate of spaghetti bolognese! The new noodles without carbohydrates now promise gourmet enjoyment without remorse. Is that possible?
Photo: Food & Photo, Hamburg
  1. Eat noodles and lose weight?
  2. Wonder pasta from the Far East: Shirataki noodles
  3. Slim Pasta: noodles without carbohydrates in sachet
  4. Noodles without Carbs: A Real Alternative?

Eat noodles and lose weight?

From time to save a few carbohydrates, us and the figure is good. So that the connoisseur's luck does not fall by the wayside, low carb products promise the same enjoyment with less carbohydrates.

A plate of spaghetti bolognese ... already at the thought of the classic kitchen, the water in our mouths runs together. But a plate full of carbohydrates? The new noodles promise culinary delights without remorse.

The low carb pasta does not contain carbohydrates and sugar, is vegan, gluten and fat free. That is, you could feast noodles without end - with a low-calorie sauce, of course - without increasing one gram. We'll introduce you to the products and tell you if non-carbohydrate pasta is a real alternative.

Wonder pasta from the Far East: Shirataki noodles

The translucent, jelly-like shirataki is made from the strength of a root called "devil tongue." It uses low-calorie, high-fiber noodles for dressings and stews, and the nourishing noodle contains only 5 instead of 350 calories per 100 grams.

Slim Pasta: noodles without carbohydrates in sachet

" Slim Pasta " consists of 97 percent water and almost 3 percent flour of the konjac root - so it has almost no calories . Although the white noodle tastes almost neutral, it makes you super satisfied. In its packaging, the Slim Pasta floats in a mixture of water and calcium hydroxide. Before eating, you have to rinse the noodles thoroughly, then heat them for a few minutes. And do not forget sauce, as the pasta has hardly any taste! Is it at for 2.90 euros (200 grams)

Noodles without Carbs: A Real Alternative?

The fact is: Properly prepared (ie without luscious cream sauces or cheeses to gratinate) provide "real" noodles hardly fat, but many carbohydrates, but the body needed to gain energy, increase concentration and distribute happiness hormones. For people who want to lose weight without giving up spaghetti & Co., noodles without carbohydrates are an alternative.

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