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N SYNC Lance Bass owns a One Direction member for gay

Council of colleagues: Schwuler One Direction should not come out

One Direction, Lance Bass

Lance Bass, an avowed gay member of the once successful boy band "N'Sync", is convinced that one of the "One Direction" boys is gay and gives him serious advice. Should one believe the gay-dar of Lance Bass, who assumes that one of the members of "One Direction" is probably gay? Or did the now 22-year-old, who leaked out in 2006, only project from others to others? In an interview, he now publicly pondered that the member in question hip band should better keep silent about his sexual orientation. In the TV show "Rubin Report" said the host: "If you take these kids from 'One Direction' - because basically, they're still kids - I suspect one of them is gay. " A public gay" One Direction "would destroy the business plan, Lance Bass said Lance Bass agreed, but said cautiously, " Well, statistically, it is one of them probably. With a market like this, it's crazy, because 100 percent of them are young women. They fantasize about these guys, and the record label and the world are funneling you not even to mention that you have a girlfriend. Forget about the idea to turn out to be gay, because this destroys their entire business plan. "Sounds a bit bitter, especially since the guys from" One Direction "are very open to their girlfriends. But statistics are statistics - which of the guys would you most likely consider gay? SE