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NostalgiaScreen Camera: The trend of the 1970s is back

Instant cameras were the hit in the 1970s and are back today. They inspire not only the older generation, but also the youth. What's behind the instant camera trend?

Instant cameras are perfect for special family occasions.
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  1. Instant camera: Why are they appearing everywhere now?
  2. Digital Camera Vs. Instant camera
  3. Get started with your new instant camera
  4. Tips and tricks around the instant picture

A slightly unwieldy, somewhat chunky camera, in which after a "click" and about a minute, the photo directly from the camera came. Then it was vigorously waved and the unique then found a place on the wall or in the family album . Today in times of Instagram, Snapchat and Co. there is rather an inflationary flood of images. A snapshot here, a picture there. But in the end, the only thing that counts is perfection. Thanks to digitization, we can easily take multiple photos. But only the best, after proper editing, posted. The others just disappear in the data jungle.

Instant Camera: Why are they appearing everywhere now?

In the social media world usually only perfection and mass counts. When I scroll through my Instagram account, I see hundreds of photos daily, but to be honest, I do not give a second look to the few. Just like the masses of photos that disappear after snapping on my memory card or in the cloud. It usually does not matter if it's holiday, family photos or photos from the last girls evening. Very few of them still make it to the photo album. This is how many things are, one of the reasons why the instant camera is back in fashion. Finally, you have something in your hand again, a unique piece on which blurred movements, washed-out colors and soft transitions suddenly seem perfect.

Digital Camera Vs. Instant camera

Again and again I notice instant cameras. On birthdays or when I see tourists in the city and I ask myself, "What's so special about them?" " You take pictures more consciously. Just because a photo costs about one euro, "Alessa tells me. She is 27 years old, a friend of mine and very active on Instagram. But for birthdays and weddings Alessa prefers to take her instant camera. Although only five to six pictures are created there, these are something very special. Also Lina (20) loves her instant camera. In every holiday come this and a movie. That's 20 pictures for the whole holiday. The motive does not matter, it just has to be worth the photo. Because one thing she knows very well: "I look at the pictures again." Cell phone photos or general digital pictures usually disappear on her devices and are forgotten.

And so it's not just the two. In 2015, around five million of these cameras were sold worldwide, more than at the time of analogue photography. The president of the industry association Photoindustrie-Verband (PIV), Führer, said to WELT: "Haptic becomes important again." The same opinion is also Contanze Clauß (PIV): "It's a different experience to hold photos in hand." An explanation for the nostalgia trend.

The conscious photography, the special moment and the haptic are what so many young people are so excited about the instant cameras. The generation before it rather enjoys the nostalgic memories. Like Alessa's uncle, who was so happy about the camera, that he immediately wanted to be voluntarily photographed. Because like many others, he also knows the instant camera from his childhood. Already in the 1970s, the camera developed its own images on the market. Then as today, the individual photos are very expensive.

But the offer has grown. There are many different instant cameras in every price segment. Printers that print in the Polaroid design or hybrids, where the images are both digitally preserved, as well as can be printed directly. Everything lightning fast, without annoying fronds and for the very special moment.

Get started with your new instant camera

You bought an instant camera? Then you should pay attention to the following before you start photographing.

  • Be sure to read the operating instructions! As a rule, this is very short on instant cameras, but you should familiarize yourself with all setting options. For the pictures should be good from the start and not be dark or too light.
  • Note if the flash is on permanently. Instant cameras require a lot of light, so you can not turn off the flash on some models. This can be crucial for your photos, because just bright backgrounds reflect. For example, if your subject is in front of a white wall in a room with strong lighting, you are in danger of overexposing your photo. Also important: how far does the flash last?
  • The light sensor, like the flash, should not be obscured or dirty. Otherwise the camera can not adapt to the lighting conditions.
  • Photos of the instant camera can not be enlarged . Therefore, you should always keep an eye on the distance to your subject. You should neither too close (minimum distance see the manual) nor too far away, because you can not see much in the picture.
  • Do not wave or bend photos. Both of these prevent the chemicals in the photo paper from neatly joining. Keep the picture in your hand during the development process and then stow it well.

Tips and tricks around the instant picture

  • The films are highly sensitive to light, so they must be stored dark. Also, the finished photo should not lie in the sun, otherwise it fades.
  • Instant cameras need a lot of light, so you should avoid photos in dark rooms and in the shade.
  • The light source should be behind your back, otherwise it may happen that a black spot appears on your photo. The same phenomenon occurs when photographing subjects in a mirror.
  • You avoid camera-shake on moving pictures if you raise the ISO-value of your camera. Because with moving subjects, as well as on cloudy days or in the shade you need a short exposure time.
  • Instant pictures should be kept in an album. There they are protected from light and there is no danger that they scratch.

By Lisa Philomena Strietzel

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