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Norman Langen: Just in love

Norman Langen is freshly in love and thinks of family


Pop star Norman Langen (27) is not only freshly in love, but apparently also in love. Because the young Chartstürmer is already looking for its own family nest, in which children will have good times later. He told us in an interview.

However, Norman Langen did not want to reveal details about his sweetheart. "Too fresh" is the love yet. However, we learned that he is primarily concerned with the character of a woman. A woman should by no means be superficial.

Norman Langen can not only look back on a successful year 2012 with his new love. The ex- DSDS candidate has been on the way to the hit olympic since 2011 and already has his new album "100% Norman" ready for 2013.

We've already taken a look at his 2013 annual horoscope with Norman. What he has said in the interview will be on display soon.

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