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Cute video: Baby does not let mother sleep

Sleep is unthinkable with a baby in bed!
Photo: Screenshot / Esther anderson

Crawling Baby - Alarm Clock

Who needs an alarm clock when mother of a happy baby? The cute little one in the video has other things in mind than to sleep!

Esther Anderson has a mission: she wants to prove to the world that sleeping with a baby in bed is impossible . Because of this, the mother films herself and her baby during a scheduled nap. With that she speaks to countless families from the soul, because the reactions are unbelievable: Over six million times the cute video was already looked at .

It's a morning like any other. The baby is hungry, whereupon the young mother gets up in the morning to feed the baby. Then treat yourself to a little rest. Every day Esther takes her child to bed with her, which she repents every day.

Because the little one has something else in mind! Instead of sleeping, the baby crawls merrily in his mother's bed. The young woman is extensively examined, nose, eye and hair examined with the finger. Peace is unthinkable! The baby does not let his mother sleep, curiously she lays it on her head instead and tries to wake her up.

So the young mother did not imagine her nap with the baby. Cute is the crawling alarm clock anyway, so the video delights countless people worldwide who feel with the mother.