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Never again marked as "read": This is how you trick the Whatsapp hook

The small blue check marks indicate whether your message has been displayed.
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  1. You do not want everyone to know immediately when you've read a message? There's a trick for you
  2. How do you actually notice that a message has been read?
  3. That's how it works

You do not want everyone to see immediately when you've read a message? We have a trick for you

Everybody knows that: You gag on Whatsapp with your best friend. Generally a bad idea, but sometimes that happens. Then a message leads to the next and you quickly have a solid Whatsapp dispute.

However, if you want to take a breather to get your arguments right there is a great trick to keep your friend from noticing that you've read the news long ago.

How do you actually notice that a message has been read?

You know the little hooks on your message. There is a check that the message has been sent. The second tick is that the message has arrived at the receiver. If the two check marks have turned blue, the recipient has also read the message.

However, if you do not want every read message displayed this way, there is a simple trick for it. It works, too, if you want to read a message quickly, but already know that you have no time to respond soon. So your Whatsapp counterpart can not get mad.

That's how it works

Turn on Airplane Mode before reading any messages that have arrived. You can open and read the news in peace. The flight mode will not change the color of the hooks automatically. Only when you turn off the flight mode, the hooks are discolored.

Of course, this trick also has a catch. In flight mode you receive nothing else. That means you are offline. However, at least for a while you put out the "spy tool " on Whatsapp and you can think well of your answer.

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