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Not without happy

Yes, I love our dog. And yes, I often understand her without a word of her.

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Usually a look in her almond brown setter's eyes is enough ...

Like today. The sun finally shone once more in the north and lured everyone outside. First I put our "Gassi" shoes on the door, then our little daughter put her basket with the most important travel utensils - and when I passed the door again, Happy had cheated on this still life, sat on the doormat and looked at me sincerely. No, that's clear. Embassy arrived. Otherwise, we would not have left without Happy and Casper.

By the way: At the moment there are "hairy times" again: If we comb Happy, there is so much fur on the ground that it would be enough for a Shi-Tzu ... Actually it is still a bit early for a coat change, but who knows? Maybe Happy knows more and spring is coming?

PS: Are you and your four-legged friend just like that? Write to me. I'm looking forward to posts!

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