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Niall Horan sings Twilight song in the shower

Privately, Niall Horan does not just sing One Direction songs


While Harry Styles is again causing slippery media frenzy after a 32-year-old married woman has had an affair with him [Celebrity reported], we learn of a different kind about Niall Horan. The betrayed now, namely, what he drives in the morning every morning in the shower. Opposite the magazine "TOTP" said the cute "One Direction" member frankly: "I sing always in the shower! I sing whatever's on the charts. Today, I sang 'It Will Rain' by Bruno Mars in the shower. "Niall Horan could not stop singing in the classroom too. Look, look - Niall Horan is also on the soundtrack of" Breaking Dawn ". He further explained that he clearly made his passion for work and now finally allowed to troll officially all day. "I got into trouble at school because I sang songs in the back of the class. Some of us were thrown out of the classroom. "We can picture both scenes and find the" One Direction "even sweeter! SE

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