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Sewing instructionsTutorial for a furnace glove

Do not burn it: This sewn oven glove protects your hands from the heat and looks really good. Here's the guide.

You should not miss this stove glove in the kitchen
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Practical kitchen helper

Now the cake time can begin. Never again burn your fingers with this practical oven glove.

What you need for the oven glove:

  • 60 x 30 cm thick nonwoven line
  • 30 x 30 cm striped linen fabric
  • 60 x 30 cm turquoise linen fabric
  • 60 x 30 cm blue linen fabric
  • cardboard
  • lintel band
  • triangle ruler
  • cutting chalk
  • pins
  • Sewing machine and matching yarn
  • pencil
  • scissors

And that's how easy it is:

1. Lay the fleece line between two layers of linen fabric. Fix with pins.

2. Draw a grid on the upper layer using a square triangle and a tailor's chalk and stitch the grid with the sewing machine.

3. Record and cut out a cardboard template by hand.

4. Transfer the template twice to the substances. Cut with 1 cm seam allowance.

5. Sew fabric right to right down to the armholes and roll it upside down.

6. Trim the armhole with a camber band.

Tip: If you want a front of two fabrics / patterns, as a first step, both fabrics together and then uses this as the top.

Here are the instructions.

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