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New "save" feature on Facebook helps busy people

This is the new feature in the mobile version ...
Photo: Facebook

It's so easy to save articles

Thousands of articles are shared on Facebook every day. Anyone who easily loses track of the tide of news and tips will be pleased with this new feature.

Who does not know that: Just look in between on Facebook and discover something interesting, but unfortunately the work is calling again ... In the evening you search desperately for the article for which you had no time in the morning. But where was he?

This has an end, because with a new feature on Facebook you can easily save articles, events and the like from the newsfeed for later - and also in the mobile Facebook version .

To save something for the first time, just click on the small arrow on the top right corner of the article and save it. In the menu at the top left-hand side, the "Saved" tab can be seen under "Events". Here you can find all saved Facebook posts .

Very convenient! By the way, you do not miss a maxi-article anymore ...