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News from allergy research

Because so many people are affected by allergies, science is researching under pressure. Because the more we know about our annoying allergies, the greater the chances of saying goodbye to them.

In the Pollenzeit you should wash your hair in the evening. Because: In the hair pollen stick very persistent
Photo: Patrizia Tilly, fotolia
  • Hair washing lowers the strain

Would you have thought that you yourself are one of the largest pollen carriers? Guilt is our hair. There is a lot of pollen attached to them, which we then carry unnoticed into the house. Therefore, experts strongly advise to wash your hair in the evening in the pollen time. What you have now discovered: Even the coat of dogs and cats is a big pollen catcher.

  • Do babies get used to peanuts early on?

In fact, parents are advised to keep children away from the most allergenic nibbling. But a British study puts this into question now: It suggests that getting into the habit as early as possible can even lower the risk of peanut allergy. As long as science still discusses it, do not do any experiments.

  • Vaccination via the lymph nodes in the test

Zurich scientists have tested a new treatment method. As in classic hyposensitization, allergy-causing substances were injected. Not in the skin, but in the lymph nodes. Sounds heavy, but should not hurt. After two months with eight injections, the treatment is complete.

  • Allergies reduce the efficiency

Children who suffer from allergies often fare worse at school than allergy-free classmates. Learning ability is reduced by 30 percent during the pollen season, according to British research. Even in adults hay fever with sleep disorders, lack of concentration and days lost in the job to book.

  • Skin care keeps pollen off

A sensation for all hay fever sufferers: Researchers have discovered that pollen also reaches the body through the skin. To reduce the allergen burden, it is therefore important to cream your body and face. Best in the morning and in the evening. With certain creams and lotions, the allergen-lowering effect is now also proven.

  • Pollution is lower in the evening

Plants are early risers. The highest pollen concentration is recorded by the measuring stations usually between four and six o'clock in the morning. Therefore you should open the windows in the afternoon or in the evening. However, in larger cities there is still a lot of pollen in the evening.

  • Hay fever and migraine - there are connections

A US survey found that among 300 respondents, 34 percent suffered from both hay fever and migraine. This is a high agreement, which makes the experts aware. The researchers are now considering whether the inflammatory substance histamine released by allergies may trigger migraine.