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New trend: breast milk for bodybuilders

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Breast milk is unique: it protects against illness, contains important nutrients and is without a doubt the best for the baby - only for the baby.

"Would you like to sell me your breast milk?" The US-American Rebecca is confused. A young man, somewhat distracted and slightly embarrassed, asks her for breast milk - in a supermarket, during her weekly shopping. "I'm sorry, I do not think so, but there are breast milk stores on the internet that offer milk for babies, " explains Rebecca.

The man's answer surprises: "Oh no, the milk is for me, I do bodybuilding and Crossfit." Breastmilk as sports nutrition?

"Komonews" becomes aware of Rebecca's story and goes in search of the young man - in vain. Also, inquiries at various fitness centers remain unanswered - until the reporters on Jennifer Rowse, operator of a breast milk exchange on the Internet, attention. She sells her breast milk to three men. "The customers are all very discreet, whoever contacts me suppresses their number, the men do not want to be recognized, " says Rowse.

Rowse's original idea was different. Actually, she wanted to help mothers whose breasts produce no breast milk. She does not condemn her for giving her mother's milk to bodybuilders . "If that's what helps them - why not?" Smiles the young mother.

Healthy and fit - those who drink their breast milk directly before the workout, should achieve better training results, it is said in Sportlerkreisen. But is that really true? Emily Pease, nurse and breast milk specialist at the Swedish Medical Center explains that breast milk is neither harmful to adults nor adds value .

"Human breast milk is for human babies, " says Joanne Ransom, director of a breast milk exchange. The young woman gets to the point. Breastmilk is for babies. And not for bodybuilders or fetishists . The latter turn out more and more often as popular customers of various breast milk exchanges. But Ransom warns us to be careful! Those who buy their milk outside certified institutions run the risk of getting contaminated milk, according to Ransom

Breastmilk is rich in protein, fats and carbohydrates. And undoubtedly the best for the baby - just for the baby.

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