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New study: Fearful people are smarter

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Worried but wise

Are you an apprehensive person? Congratulation! Not only will you have a higher IQ, but you will also be able to use your intelligence better.

Your life could be so beautiful - if you were not constantly worried about everything and everyone? A life in fear ... is not that bad. As a new study from Lakehead University in Ontario (Canada) has now found, anxious people are smarter.

The participants who said of themselves "to worry a lot" have performed better in IQ tests than those who are completely carefree in life. Why is that? The researchers suggest that people who are constantly thinking are linguistically more agile - so have a higher level of linguistic intelligence.

Researchers Tsachi Ein-Dor and Orgad Tal, of the Interdisciplinary Center Herzliya in Israel, support the Canadian study results. They found out in an experiment that anxious people can better use their intelligence. True to the motto 'Even stones made in one's way, one can build beautiful things' (Erich Kästner), caring people are rarely discouraged from obstructing people.

In a previous study, the two researchers have already found that cautious people can detect dangers faster. The reason: people who are constantly worried, have more pronounced sensory organs than those who completely umbekümmert pull through life.