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Nadja Tiller: "My granddaughters are the sun of my age

Are not they just adorable? Nadja Tiller with her beautiful granddaughters Tatiany, Nefeli, Alexia and Josephine (from left to right)
Photo: Christian Langbehn exclusively for NEW POST

How nice if you have family!

Great pleasure! For the first time, all four girls came to Hamburg together.

It is a wonderfully warm autumn day, where we are invited to a special appointment. Actress Nadja Tiller (83) has a visit from her four granddaughters, who all live far and wide, from London to Athens.

But now everyone is there, visiting their grandmother in Hamburg, where Nadja Tiller lives in Augustinum. "I'm proud of my granddaughters, and I have every reason to be, " says the screen star. "You are the sun of my age."

There are Nefeli (15), Alexia (21) and Tatiany (25), the children of Natascha (53); and Josephine (26), daughter of son Jan (48). What joy, when everyone is in the door, with a huge bunch of flowers!

The great Nadja Tiller - she seems so composed, a friendly, warm-hearted kindness shines in her face. But sometimes, when the granddaughters babble away and babble, she looks still and lost in the face - then the thoughts wander to her dear husband Walter Giller († 84), who died last December.

"It was his wish that all the girls go on a cruise together, Walter always loved to watch the ships, so he wanted to give them to them - he could not do it anymore, so I gladly took over." And after the cruise everyone stayed with their grandmother in Hamburg, also daughter Natascha arrived from Athens.

When looking at old photo albums, while drinking coffee, all tell again and again of Walter Giller, the grandfather and father. What he would say now, what a funny saying - because he was famous for that! - he would do.

That's what Nadja Tiller does so well. In her apartment overlooking the Elbe, a large photo of Walter has found his place of honor. He always looks at her with his light blue hat and mischievous smile. "A resident of the house did it, " says Nadja Tiller. "A snapshot, but one of the most beautiful pictures I've had of him in recent years."

Now the girls have to go. Of course it's hard to say goodbye - but they'll be back, sure!