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Nadine Kr ger: The biggest miracle of my life? My big toe!

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"Celebrity Wonder Women"

They are beautiful, successful and stand with both legs in life: Our "celebrity miracle women"! Here Nadine Krüger, presenter (ZDF, "full pot"), answers the WUNDERWEIB questionnaire.

1. "Wunderweib": Who or what comes to mind spontaneously?

Nadine Krüger : A cartoon character like Catwoman. Or a painting from the Baroque.

2. The biggest miracle of your life ...?

Nadine Krüger : My big toe, a wonder of nature ...

3. What "miracle power / wondrous ability" would you like to possess?

Nadine Krüger : Reading your mind. Since many conversations at "full pot" would certainly run even more entertaining.

4. What miracle cure do you recommend for your health?

Nadine Krüger : A cocktail of contentment, love, lightness, patience and serenity ...

5. What would you do if you could be a man for a day?

Nadine Krüger : Counter question: Why should I?

6. Which three things, in addition to money, mobile phone and keys, should not be missing in your purse?

Nadine Krüger : My time planner, the last vacation photos for the wanderlust, peach candy, a little lucky stone from Henne beach.

7. What advice was the best your mother gave you along the way?

Nadine Krüger : Listen to your stomach!

8. What's your favorite and what's your worst part in the wardrobe?

Nadine Krüger : The horrible bad purchases will be sorted out as soon as possible. The sweetheart changes constantly. Currently a jeans I bought 8 years ago in Los Angeles.

9. Let's be honest: how many pairs of shoes do you really own?

Nadine Krüger : Definitely too many. But since I currently have 2 wardrobes, one at home in Berlin and one at ZDF in Dusseldorf, I lose the overview when counting.