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Neighborhood impresses with Christmas lights!

In this neighborhood there are Christmas lights with musical accompaniment!
Photo: Screenshot / Jeff Maxey

Christmas lights to Wizards of winter

Christmas is approaching! A neighborhood has come up with something special and impresses with a light show as Christmas lights!

If you are not in the Christmas spirit yet, it will be at the latest after this video. Because after Edeka has already composed a cash symphony, this neighborhood lingers on with a lightshow.

Every year, people worldwide start a true competition of Christmas lights. One neighbor tries to outdo the other and so houses are decorated with reindeer, colorful lights and stars. Christmas decoration can quickly become cheesy. But this neighborhood has come up with something special to sweeten the Advent season.

In California, the residents of the neighborhood Yucaipa work together against each other. How wonderful that works, proves now this video. With united power, the neighbors have organized an impressive Christmas lighting , which does not imitate them so fast!

As the opening notes of "Wizards in Winter" are sounded by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra, the first lights will flash as well. With a lightshow show the inhabitants the Christmas season. The detailed coordination of the individual lights gives an idea of ​​how much effort the work must have cost. The work was definitely worth it. With its Christmas lights, the neighborhood now thrills people worldwide!

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