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After mortal cancer diagnosis for the groom: strangers finance wedding for couple

Without the help of many generous strangers, the wedding of Laura and Steven Monks would not have been possible.
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It was her greatest wish to marry

Steven and Laura Monk wanted to save several years to afford their dream wedding and a home. But her plans were shattered when Steven was diagnosed with cancer.

Laura and Steven Monk from Hyde (England) were already engaged when they heard terrible news. Steven's bowel and liver cancer were detected in October 2014. The couple remained confident. The treatment was started immediately. First, Steven had his bowels removed, followed by chemo.

In April of this year, then the big shock: The doctors tell Steven that the cancer is not curable. The couple decided not to wait any longer after this terrible news. Laura and Steven wanted to marry immediately. But the money was not enough and the time to save was tight.

A nurse could finally deliver the solution. She told the couple about a foundation called 'Gift of a Wedding'. This makes it possible for British citizens suffering from a deadly disease to marry, regardless of their religion, age, sexual orientation or skin color - this is what the homepage says. The special day of the bridal couple is financed by the donations of strangers who want to fulfill their wish. Instead of money, things like decorations can be donated.

Thanks to the donations collected by 'Gift of a Wedding', Laura and Steven were able to enjoy their dream wedding . With so much generosity the couple would never have expected. Among other things, decorations, a DJ, the food, the photographer and the wedding cake were provided completely free of charge. In an interview with The Telegraph, Laura says, "We could not believe how generous strangers can be."

Last Friday, Laura and Steven gave their say in the circle of their family and friends. Her daughter Lydia was the charming flower girl.

How much time Stephe still remains and what the future holds for her, the small family does not know at this time. But Laura and Steven know that they will be forever grateful to the many strangers who made their dream wedding possible.

Steve & Laura's Wedding Preview - The Place Aparthotel, Manchester from CPD Film on Vimeo.

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