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Moms post stretch marks for more self-love

Stretch marks are nice, no blemish! This is the message of the Instagram account Love Your Lines.

Within a few days, Love You Lines counts thousands of Instagram followers

Expectant mothers are great. That's why we do not want them to be annoyed about common stretch marks. On her Instagram account Love Your Lines fight two moms for more self-love.

Stretch marks (lat. Striae) are not only reserved for expectant mothers, but can meet anyone.

If the connective tissue is overstretched, the subcutaneous tissue can tear - and this causes the so-called stretch marks . Teenagers get these when their bodies grow faster than the subcutis. Women who have been pregnant often have stretch marks on their abdomen for the same reason. But also a stronger muscle or weight gain, especially in conjunction with hormones (especially estrogen, eg through the pill), can leave these traces. The stripes are first purple, scarred and then brighter. The result: fine scarred cracks on the chest, abdomen, waist or buttocks, which stupidly want to stay forever. Obviously, many women are unhappy with the stripes and often suffers self-confidence.

"Two moms celebrating real women, real bodies and real self-love" ("Two mothers who celebrate real women, real bodies and true self-love"), is above the Instagram account "Love Your Lines", it has only been since the 12th August, which nevertheless attracted close to 10, 000 followers. The motifs: Black and white detail shots of women's bodies and their stretch marks. The Instagram site was founded by two mothers in the US who still want to remain anonymous. The reactions to the pictures are overwhelming. A Userin writes: "I'm 22 and have had my stretch marks since I was 12. I always thought they were overweight, but with size 32, I know stripes do not take weight or size into consideration, I love my lines, and show it proudly by the pool or the beach. " Another commented, "I have three kids ... and learned to love my body, including stretch marks." Hundreds speak up.

Love Your Lines calls on all followers to make their own pictures and send them to the mothers team by mail. Your call: Every body is a reason to celebrate life!

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