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Fashion trend White T-shirt again trendy: How to combine it properly

In summer there is a classic color: white. Combined with our favorite, the T-shirt, we have a great summer trend for 2017.

A white shirt is a faithful companion
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The white shirt is an absolute all-rounder. And the great thing about the white T-shirt: We have it all in the closet! And even better: If we do not have it in the closet, you can always steal it from your friend or husband out of the closet.

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In summer, a white shirt always fits: Whether with a classic jeans and summer sandals, a beautiful denim skirt or a strap dress. In the summer you do not go wrong with a white shirt.

Of course it is also nice, if you hatched in your shirt well tanned in the summer. Who does not like the difference between brown skin and white shirt?

Already now we see that in the social media like Instagram and Co. the white T-shirt is totally in already in spring: Many looks use the white T-shirt as a stylish basic.

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It is always a pity, when the favorite shirt no longer knows, but slowly turns gray. But even then you do not have to put your head in the sand: we have the best washing tips for white shirts.

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