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Model Agnes: "I'm too fat for the industry

Photo: instagram / hedengard

Agnes Hedengard

Agnes is 19 years old, 1.80 m tall and supposedly too fat - with a BMI of 17.5. Her butt is too big, her hips too wide. The answer of the Swede - unbeatable.

90-60-90 - that was once. Today the models have to wear Size Zero. And are considered too thick even with a BMI of 17.5. Do not you believe? We do not - until we saw this incredible video. A video in which 19-year-old Agnes Hedengard explains the abuses of the fashion industry.

Agnes is 19 years old, 1.80 m tall and has been working as a model for over 5 years. Last year, she took third place in 'Swedens Next Top Model' - but the orders are still missing. The reason: her butt is too big, her hips too wide. With a BMI of 17.5 - unimaginable. The tragic thing is that the Swedish model, with her BMI is far below the average, is considered to be underweight.

..and in the model industry I'm still categorized as "to big". Many people in this industry want to work with me but the most common response is "they need to get better" or "she's to big". I love modeling, I love to stand in front of the camera. #sundaythoughts

A photo posted by Agnes Hedengård (@hedengard) on Jun 7, 2015 at 8:11 am

"I was in contact with many fashion labels and everyone wanted to work with me - until I sent them my body measurements, " says the young Swede. The answer: "No, she is too fat, she has to lose weight, we do not want to work with her." We can only shake our heads and wonder where this delirium is supposed to lead us.

Agnes is doing the right thing. She has stopped the model and is now working as a saleswoman in Stockholm. Her message: "It sounds absurd and I hate it, but I want you all to see it: I'm too fat for the industry, but - love you the way you are and do not let anyone tell you to change your mind have to be. "

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