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ModCloth: Swimwear campaign with employees

Photo: Screenshot / Instagram Modcloth

Every woman is beautiful!

Because of only super thin models can present the new swimwear! The fashion retailer ModCloth has now shot women with different clothing sizes - their employees ...

Thumbs up for this advertising campaign ! Instead of drawing attention to their new, 50s-style swimwear collection with super thin models, the makers of ModCloth have opted for absolutely normal women. One is tall, the other small. One of the models is a plus-size girl, the next one has tattoos everywhere. As colorful as life is, the women depicted are so different and beautiful.

And where do you get these from? At ModCloth, founders Susan Gregg Koger and her husband Eric Koger had a slightly different idea. The photographed women are not cast together - they are all female colleagues and work for the label.

And why the whole? Nancy Ramamurthi, marketing director at ModCloth, tells "We want to give women a chance, part of which is that they see themselves in advertising." So the company never shoots with professional models, but rather shows women, like you and me ...

By the way: How much fun you can have while working on a swimwear shoot is shown by the resulting pictures and make you want more "normal" than models.

Contributed by ModCloth.

Party in Polka Dots: the two employees of ModCloth obviously have fun during the shoot - no matter if with less or more on the ribs.

Contributed by ModCloth.

Three naturally beautiful women show swimwear for different clothing sizes and look great. Even founder Susan Gregg insisted on being photographed in the middle as well.

Sports Illustrated picture of their toes in the water. At ModCloth, we dive head-first. Today our blog takes on swimsuit 'issues', of every stripe (or polka dot!) # Fashiontruth

A photo posted by ModCloth (@modcloth) on Feb 6, 2015 at 2:41 pm

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