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With outdoor fleece wind and weatherproof!

Soft fleece jacket, found on for 49.99 euros
Photo: Wit

Fleece is mandatory for outdoor activities

If you are active outdoors, you will definitely need a fleece sweater or a fleece jacket - nothing easier than that: We have chosen the coolest fleece parts!

We do not keep it in the house even in wind and weather! But nothing is more annoying than being active outside with a heavy winter jacket. Fleece is lightweight and protects us against any weather during outdoor activities. We also give a good figure in fleece! Not only does fleece keep you warm and comfortable, but it's also super-cut for the most part. For those who, despite the more important heat effect, do not want to go without fashion, there are even fleece ponchos and coats!

With this outdoor fleece the next outdoor activity is guaranteed not to be cold!

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