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With instructions: Make yourself a tray pad

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Comfortable and practical

Now nothing stands in the way of the cozy breakfast in bed. We'll show you how to make a tablet pad yourself.

You need this:

  • Tray, z. From VBS Hobby
  • Foam board, z. B. Buttinette
  • cutter
  • Fabric, z. B. of Stoffekontor
  • double-sided adhesive tape
  • fabric scissors

It's that easy:

1. Use the tray as a template and cut a foam board the size of the tray base with the cutter.

2. Lay the foam sheet as a template on the fabric and cut with approx. 10 cm of added fabric.

3. Stick the foam board on one side with double-sided adhesive tape. Remove the protective film.

4. Tighten the fabric over the corners of the foam board and glue it to the tape.

5. Stick double-sided adhesive tape under the tray and peel off the protective layer.

6. Now stick the tray on the foam board - the beautiful fabric side points down.

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