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With instructions: Crochet the knitting dumbbell yourself

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  1. Step by step
  2. material
  3. Knitting instructions for knitted Dachshund

Step by step

Suitable for beginners and advanced: These sweet knit Dachshund are looking for a new home. Just follow our crochet pattern.

Size: Each approx 8cm x 14 cm

The abbreviations at a glance:

  • right: right
  • Left: Left
  • Round: round
  • str .: knit
  • MS: pattern set
  • M .: mesh
  • Nd: needle
  • initially: increase
  • U .: envelope
  • bind off: bind off
  • LL .: run length
  • continued: continuous
  • R .: row
  • initially: increase
  • Rdm .: edge stitch
  • decrease: decrease
  • over / under: cover
  • Connection: stop
  • knl .: ball
  • N .: Needle
  • U: envelope
  • Lm .: air mesh


  • Schachenmayr Catania
  • 10g cream each (weight 130) and camel (weight 179)
  • Anchor Sticktwist
  • in dark brown (Fb. 358) and in ecru (Fb. 926)
  • Crochet Hook No. 2, 5
  • Filling wool or wool leftovers for stuffing
  • Embroidery needle with lace (for knitting)
  • Embroidery needle without point and with wide eye (for sewing together)
  • Accessories for the dark dachshund: 6 x 6 cm wool felt in red, 10 cm satin ribbon, 0.5 cm wide, small bell, 0.5 cm, in gold
  • Accessories for the bright dachshund: smooth leather rest approx. 5 x 5 cm in cognac (handicraft shop or shoemaker), small edelweiss button, 0.5 cm, in old silver

Knitting tension:

Crochet with 2.5 crochet hooks 2.5 cm x 10 cm = 22 stitches x 25 rows


Crochet tight stitches

Knitting instructions for knitted Dachshund

For the body of the dachshund with the light basic color, apply 28 Luftm in cream and crochet 6 R solid sts. Do not crochet the 4 outer sts on both sides in the next row. Then crochet 16 sts solid M without loss and in the next row increase 4 sts on both sides and continue to crochet 6 rows without any increase.

For the head, cast 17 lb and crochet 4 R sts. Do not crochet the 1st and last st in the following 3 rows. Do not crochet the 1st and last st in the following 2 rows again.

For the tail over 10 Luftm 1 row solid M in camel crochet.

Cast 8 airm in camels for each ear and crochet 1 R in sts. Crochet the ears again with a round of solid sts. Make the second ear equally.

For the dark dachshund reverse the thread color and crochet otherwise as described above.

Finishing the Dachshund

Close the body with the matching yarn and fill it with cotton wool or wool. Then sew all over. Now sew the head, fill also and sew on the body. Sew ears and tail. For the faces, embroider satin stitches on the nose with the dark brown knitting yarn and put a few stitches on both sides in a slight curve. Embroider eyes as small crosses. The dachshunds can then be pulled together with one or two stitches by the body length quite easily and thus optimally shaped.

Attach accessories

For the lighter dachshund out of the leather rest, cut out a heart of approx. 2.5 x 3 cm (height) and a thin strip of approx. 9 cm x 1 cm. Put on the little heart and embroider all around with a pointed pin and 2-ply (2 of the 6 threads) embroidering the hem stitches in ecru. Wrap the leather strip as a collar and close slightly overlapping with a few stitches. Place the small edelweiss button on the seam and sew on.
For the dark dachshund made of felt cut a doily of 5.5 cm x 5.5 cm. Round off the corners of the blanket and then embroider all around with white stitches. Embroider the edelweiss in ecru with different long circular embroidery stitches. In the middle of the flower then put some small nodule stitches. Lay the satin ribbon as a collar and close slightly overlapping with a few stitches. Sew on the bell at the seam.

The instructions for the Häkeldackel for download can be found here!

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