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With instructions: stool with jeans cover

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A pair of jeans for all occasions

You can also have this cool stool from old jeans leftovers at home. Just follow our instructions.

What you need for the stool with jeans cover:

  • old jeans
  • French chalk
  • tape measure
  • fabric scissors
  • pin
  • Sewing machine and matching yarn
  • colorful button

And that's how easy it is:

1. Cut the two legs off of an old pair of jeans .

2. Transfer the seat of the stool to a trouser leg and cut with a 1 cm seam allowance.

3. Cut the second leg once again in the middle of the length.

4. Sew the two halves together at the top of the cut edge to form a long piece of fabric.

5. Turn the 3 cm long one side straight and sew.

6. Pin the fabric around the circle with pins (right to right) and then sew with the sewing machine.

7. Decorate with a button and put it over the stool .

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