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Minimum wage, broker, rent: New Laws 2015

From the 1st of January 2015 the minimum wage is 8.50 € / hour.
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That will change in 2015

From 2015, a nationwide statutory minimum wage will be introduced. All in all, the new laws in 2015 promise many more money.

More money for care

The first phase of the Nursing Reform has been passed, bringing more money and better care to those in need of care and their dependents from 2015 onwards. Benefits are increased by four percent. And: The Federal Government wants to better support families in sudden care cases. If a family member z. For example, after a stroke in need of care, family members can take a ten-day break from work - and receive up to 90 percent of their net salary. In lengthy care cases, the relative has the right to leave the job for six months or to work part-time for up to 24 months. There is no salary - as compensation but an interest-free loan from the federal government.

New packages for removals

You have to move to another city because of the job? Then you can claim a higher tax rate from March 2015. For removals from March 2015, the fixed rate for married couples will rise from 1429 euros to 1460 euros. For single persons from 715 euros to 730 euros. In addition, for each additional person who moves with, 322 euros can be used. And: The maximum amount for the recognition of removal-related tuition costs for a child is then 1841 euros.

Hartz IV: rule sets increase

At the beginning of 2015, not only will the nationwide minimum wage be introduced, but support benefits will rise by a good two percent for those who can not afford to live on their own. This applies to social assistance, basic security for jobseekers and basic benefits in old age and reduced earning capacity. So z. For example, the amount for single people from currently 391 euros to 399 euros per month. The basic security for children and adolescents will be raised accordingly.

Vehicle deregistration is also possible via the Internet

From January we can save ourselves the way to the registration office. At least if we want to log out of our car. This will also be online in the future. For this purpose, the vehicle registration number and number plate are provided with a security code, which is entered on the website of the Federal Motor Transport Authority. Sounds easy, right?

Old heaters need to get out

You still have an old heater in the house? Then it will be time! The 2014 Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV) announced in spring that boilers installed or installed before 1 January 1985 may no longer be operated from 2015 onwards. And: oil and gas heaters older than 30 years have to be replaced by 2015. So far, a replacement obligation only for heaters, which were installed before the year 1978. Exceptions: Property owners who have already lived in the house or apartment as of February 1, 2002 do not need to retrofit the boilers. Basically, except for the replacement obligation, so-called condensing boilers and low-temperature boilers, which have a higher efficiency.

Life insurance: guaranteed interest rate decreases

That's not such good news: The guaranteed interest rate drops to 1.25 percent. The reason: Because of the low interest rates on fixed-income securities that have been going on for years, it is increasingly difficult for insurance companies to fulfill their guarantee commitments to customers. That is why the Federal Government is reacting to the Life Insurance Reform Act. It is intended to ensure that insurers can continue to fulfill their service promises. Experts agree: New contracts are not worthwhile at the moment. However, consumers who already have a contract should not cancel it. The loss would be much higher than the profit in this case.

Landlord certificate comes again

It was abolished over ten years ago and now it is being reintroduced: the landlord certificate. From May 2015, landlords must again participate in the registration and deregistration of the tenant at the registration office and confirm the tenant's entry or withdrawal within two weeks in writing or electronically. The confirmation must include the name and address of the landlord, the nature of the reportable transaction with the date of collection or withdrawal, the address of the dwelling and the names of the persons liable to report. Also new: In autumn, the Federal Government decided against soaring rents in sought-after areas, the so-called rent-price brake. The law stipulates that for new lettings, the rent is only ten percent above the local comparative rent. However, new buildings are excluded, so that the necessary construction of new apartments is not strangled. Brokers should also be paid by the client from 2015 - so far, the tenants usually bear in the completed contract, the costs, even if the broker was turned on by the landlord.

Parental allowance in future even up to 28 months

Parents who work part-time should be able to receive parental allowance twice as long as in 2015! The bill by Family Minister Manuela Schwesig is due to enter into force on 1 July 2015. Parents working part-time (25 to 30 hours / week) should be able to benefit for up to 28 months (24 months plus 4 months of partnership). So far, there was parental allowance for a maximum of 14 months (12 months plus 2 partnership months). Although the salaries are reduced monthly, the sum to be paid remains the same over a period of 28 months. Whoever applies for the new Elterngeld Plus, gets a maximum of 900 Euro / month. So far, there are up to 1, 800 euros per month. Also planned: In the future, parental leave only has to be registered with the employer. A consent of the company boss or supervisor is no longer required. The new Elterngeld Plus should improve the compatibility of family and career. We think: a good idea!

Banks check the religious affiliation of all customers

Attention: As of 2015, banks are required by law to consult the Federal Central Tax Office on the church affiliation of all their customers. Because: Gains from wealth are not only income tax, but also church tax. The law was passed, because the churches here assume a lot of cheating. If you do not want your bank to know which religion you belong to, you must object to the disclosure of the data to the banks and register a blocking notice (a form can be found at But then, as before, you are required to declare your income from capital gains on your income tax return.

Minimum wage for all

From 2015, the nationwide minimum wage applies . Less than 8.50 euros per hour may not earn more in Germany. But there are exceptions - for example for the long-term unemployed, young people without a vocational qualification and trainees. In industries with separate collective agreements, transitional rules apply until the end of 2016.

Electricity is getting cheaper - for the first time in 14 years

Many electricity customers can look forward to this pre-Christmas mail: After 14 years of regularly rising electricity bills, German electricity suppliers are lowering prices again for the first time in 2015 - at least some of them. The consumer electricity price is currently in the country average at just over 29 cents per kilowatt hour. Who pays more, should take a closer look and possibly change the supplier! According to the Verivox price comparison portal, 205 out of more than 800 nationwide utilities announced average price reductions of 2.4 percent at the beginning of the year. A four-member average household can save 30 to 35 euros per year in the basic service tariff. By the way: When changing, you do not have to cancel yourself. All you need to do is to fill in a change form with the new provider (also possible online), and this will then take over the paperwork.

eCall Service: In the event of accidents, cars will in future even call the emergency call

When it crashes on the street, new cars will soon be calling for help at a nearby rescue facility. Due to a new EU regulation, from October 2015 all new cars will have to be equipped with the eCall automatic emergency call system. The system's crash sensors detect an accident and automatically send an emergency call to the nearest emergency call center. Also new: When moving to another registration area, license plate entry should be possible everywhere.

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