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Miley Cyrus' weird looks at New York Fashion Week!

Breast boobs, prison outfit and platform sneakers

Miley Cyrus / IF

While New York Fashion Week is in full swing, Miley Cyrus did not miss the chance to attend various shows featuring the latest fashion trends. But what the "Hannah Montana" star wore was not that true. Only a few days ago Miley Cyrus looked deeply with a red jumpsuit - her bosom was almost completely visible! Hot or a little too much of the good? Crosswalk and plateau sneakers With another outfit it was also questionable, if you could call that stylish. The stripe-complete outfit had a circular cut at the back and was also strapless. Although make longitudinal stripes slim, but this stretch dress, which was very tight, seemed more like jail clothing. In the rocking outfit Miley actually did everything right: The cool hat and the round glasses made the look complete! But with the shoes, that's a matter of taste. The thick, white sole is rather getting used to. What do you think of the three looks? NB