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Mila Kunis: "Ashton gave me my first kiss"

Star Portrait: Mila Kunis

Actress Mila Kunis has risen to the new Queen of Hollywood - and has also caught up with her prince.

Hollywood's new darling

Big Bambi eyes, sensual mouth, long, slightly wavy dark mane - Mila Kunis looks girlishly playful, but at the same time beguilingly seductive.

Mila Kunis
Photo: Getty Images
  1. Friendship turns into love
  2. Private love outing
  3. Jogging pants and good food
  4. A relaxed relationship
  5. Career in the first place
  6. A woman, many dream men
  7. Believe in a happy ending

The 1.63-meter actress is now the biggest in Hollywood after the "changing of the guard" by Cameron Diaz and Kate Hudson! This year she will be released with four new films, followed by the novel adaptation "The Fantastic World of Oz" (theatrical release: 7 March 2013).

The style of Mila Kunis shows the gallery (12 pictures)!

In the prequel to the musical classic of 1939, she plays the good witch Theodora. Her comic side proved Mila last summer with the surprise blockbuster "Ted" and was voted Actress of the Year 2012 by the JOY readers!

The "Esquire" magazine named her the "Sexiest Woman Alive" - ​​she does not even see herself as a bombshell, but rather as a "Girl next door with a slightly masculine touch!" This award is likely to be strengthened by acting colleague Ashton Kutcher, Mila has been dating since mid-2012.

Friendship turns into love

Although snapshots of both appear almost daily, neither confirms the relationship publicly, making them the most secretive couple in Hollywood. When the first dating rumors came up in April 2012, Mila even dismissed them as "absurd" and assured in interviews: "A friend remains a friend." It is understandable that she initially vehemently denied her love, the two finally dared to always something problematic Step - from a long-standing friendship in a relationship.

In 1998 they got to know each other on the set of the TV series "Die wilden 70er", in which they also played a loving couple. Mila was cast at the age of only 14 for the role of the bitchy devil roast Jackie, although the required minimum age was 18. She told the producers, "I'll turn 18 on my birthday!" - but this would only be celebrated four years later, she suppressed.

The first kiss from Ashton

At the time of the show, Ukrainian-born Milena "Mila" Markovna, who has been living in California since she was eight years old, was immediately away from Ashton. "At the time I just thought: Oh, that's the Calvin Klein model. And with that I have to shoot my first film kiss now? I totally had a crush on him! "

The enthusiasm became an intimate friendship over the eight years they were together in front of the camera. Therefore, nobody was surprised when Mila and her colleague half a year after Ashton and Demi Moore had announced the end of their six-year marriage together, were seen riding a motorcycle or drinking coffee.

Private love outing

Only after a July 2012 party to complete Kutcher's new film project - the Steve Jobs biopic in which he plays the Apple founder - did visitors report that Ashton had kissed his Mila there for the first time in public.

This private love outing celebrated the lovebirds with an Indonesian trip. In early August, they flew to the five-star luxury resort "Amanusa" in Bali to enjoy their togetherness. Since then, the two are inseparable. During a weekend together in New York in September, Ashton and Mila demonstrated to the whole world: Yes, we are a couple!

Jogging pants and good food

In a partner look they walked through the West Village and kissed everyone visible in Central Park. Particularly striking in the many couples snapshots are Milas outfits. The Hollywood star renounces in contrast to many colleagues on high heels and designer clothes, wearing preferably sneakers and shapeless jogging pants.

In addition, her great passion is going out to eat - lunchdates were more of a rarity for Ashton and Demi. Far too busy was the 50-year-old with excessive sports and extreme diets. Mila, on the other hand, emphasizes: "I love food - most of all I like exotic dishes."

A relaxed relationship

The little brunette is also not under pressure in terms of the size-zero-Magerwahn in Hollywood: "I do sports only in moderation. Now and then I do cardio and work out with weights, but I do not want to be so super thin. In 2010 I had to lose 25 pounds for 'Black Swan'. At that time I weighed only 47 kilos and looked totally starved. I was relieved when I was able to push a hamburger again. "

Since Mila likes to ignore the calories while eating, it was already said in October that she was pregnant by Ashton. The baby bump turned out to be the result of a hearty breakfast. The desire to have children does not seem to be acute at the moment. "Now I do not want to start a family, but concentrate fully on my career - all in his time!"

Career in the first place

The fact that the lion-woman can eat while going out with Ashton, without counting the bites, and does not have to scramble for him proves: She does not need to pretend, he loves her as she is. Mila also emphasized in an interview that she does not want to impose her own values ​​on the partner in the course of the relationship.

"When I'm in love, I fully accept my friend. I will not change it! Maybe he'll change with me, maybe he'll compromise with me, but I do not expect it, "she assures. Apparently, there is a quality that she particularly appreciates about the "Two and a Half Men" comedian: "I love men who are still boys and a bit immature in their hearts! After that, I always searched. "

A woman, many dream men

Ever since the TV series "Punk'd", in which Ashton 2003 celebs celebrities, he is known for his humorous nature and self-irony. Thus, he qualifies as Milas dream man, with the 29-year-old has a very unique idea of ​​Mr. Right.

"Many women always talk about one great love! I believe there are several, "says ex-girlfriend of" Kevin - Alone Home "actor Macaulay Culkin. The two had separated in January 2011 after eleven years of relationship.

Are the wedding bells ringing?

"It would have been most beautiful if I had met the love of my life in kindergarten. But that's not how things went, "Mila admits." That's why you try men and relationships and make mistakes to learn from them! "

Despite this somewhat sober statement, Mila still dreams of a private happy ending. "I will never give up the belief in love - I am an infinite optimist, " she emphasizes. Maybe Ashton is the right and last man for her.

When he recently visited her in Rome, where she shoots the romance "The Third Person", both could not keep their hands off each other. Closely entwined they walked through the small streets and kissed again and again. In addition, the lovers visited a church - maybe they are already looking for a wedding location.

Believe in a happy ending

Could it be that Mila was inspired by Justin Timberlake, her "friend with certain merits" co-star, to marry in Italy. The singer had given his friend Jessica Biel in October in Fasano, southern Italy, the siren.

If Mila was to go to the altar now, she would not have met her prince charming at kindergarten, but he was the first man she'd ever kissed!

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