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Michelle Hunziker: Now the bad memories wake up again

Michelle Hunziker after the accident at "Wetten, dass ..?"
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The accident at "Wetten, dass ..?"

The accident with "Wetten, dass ..?" Has hit her hard, but there is something else on her mind. The beautiful hazel eyes are worried. Michelle Hunziker (33) seems to be in the distance with her thoughts. What is it that depresses her so much? The accident at "Wetten, dass ..?" Has added to the moderator. In his bet, student Samuel Koch (23) was seriously injured, suffering severe spinal injuries. Michelle Hunziker hurried to him, but for the student any help came too late: he will probably never be able to move his arms and legs. A tragic fate that the presenter takes along. Understandable! Because the memory of another tragic accident has certainly not died out yet ... The life of the girl is destroyed June 30, 1999. Michelle Hunziker is traveling by car on the island of Ibiza. Then it happens: In the roundabout she ignores the right of way, rams Stephanie Guasch-Brooks (18) onto her scooter - and drives on! When she stops, she stays seated, does not care about the victim, is in shock. The accident has consequences for Stephanie: The doctors discover with her a crack in the spine! She will never be completely healthy again. Michelle Hunziker is 22 years old when she has to realize how quickly a life can be destroyed. At that time she received harsh criticism for her behavior. It is quite possible that Samuel's accident revived the terrible memory of Ibiza. Tragic: This time she wanted to help Michelle Hunziker - and could not ...

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