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Michael Schumacher: Now his former doctor Jean-Francois Payen speaks

Ten months after the accident: doctor Jean-Francois Payen talks about his patient Michael Schumacher.
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Jean-Francois Payen answers

Almost ten months the accident of Michael Schumacher is now back. Now his former doctor Jean-Francois Payen talks about his health.

After the tragic skiing accident of Michael Schumacher on 29 December 2013, Jean-Francois Payen was his doctor until the transfer of the five-time Formula 1 World Champion in June 2014. He did not give any information about the health status of his patient - until now. In an interview with the French radio station RTL France answered Michael Schumacher's former doctor Jean-Francois Payen spoke for the first time and gave answers to questions that have long occupied the world public.

Jean-Francois Payen, head of anesthesia and resuscitation at Grenoble University Hospital, took over the management of both operations from Michael Schumacher, and visits his patient regularly even after his release. Taking into account the medical confidentiality Payen may reveal details. But he is the first person to officially confirm that Michael Schumacher is no longer in a coma.

The doctor, however, advises everyone to be patient. "There is a one- to three-year plan for the regeneration period." In Michael Schumacher's house in Switzerland, according to Payen, wife Corinna Schumacher has created the optimal conditions for the recovery of her husband. With her "great willpower" she is a great support for her husband.

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