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My secret is to cook for yourself

Starfit - Dr. med. Christine Theiss

Learn more about kickboxing world champion Dr.

Despite pronounced musculature and masculine kick-box exercises, Christine is an attractive woman who likes to show her feminine side - and that's what she stands for. Elegant performance: In 2008, the reigning kick-box world champion in the skin-tight, borde presents
Christine Theiss. She explains in an interview how she deals with defeats and why she always competes in the same underwear.

SHAPE: How do you reward yourself after a fight? Christine Theiss: I will not do anything for two weeks. No training, just relax and laze.

How to Prepare Immediately Before a Fight I have no rituals, but I always wear the same underwear because the one with the groin guard is the most comfortable. Before a competition, I'm scrapping off of everyone, even my husband leaves me alone.

How do you deal with injuries? Really serious injuries that made me pause for weeks, I never had. But a broken nose would not be a reason for me to give up training. Then I put on a helmet with grid on and you're ready to go.

My last defeat was four years ago

Defeats are not easy to put away, how do you react? Will your trainer help you? If I lose a fight, of course, I'm broken. I'm too ambitious to just put it off. But you have to look forward quickly, analyze the mistakes and not freeze in awe. Fortunately, my last defeat is now four years ago. My coach Steko helps me to improve constantly.

Her body is in great shape. Do you have a diet? I do not have a special diet plan and I do not have to starve to maintain my weight, which always varies between 59 and 60 kilograms. My secret recipe is quite simple: Cook yourself, because then you know what's in the food.

Do you still have free time for friends and hobbies in your training schedule? If I really want to relax, I do not do sports. Then I prefer to lie down on the sofa, go for a walk with my dog ​​or stroll through the city.

Everything for a good cause

You have a doctor of medicine. Which department would you work in today? I would have liked to have a General Internist. But actually the family doctor in the countryside is my ideal.

Do you also give kickbox training to educational institutions? Yes, exactly when the schedule allows. The schools call me and I send them a suitable concept.

For a good causeDr. Christine Theiss is single-minded, she gives sporty and social full throttle. The top athlete is the patron of "Retten macht Schule" and is actively involved in the education of the seventh graders as a potential lifesaver. Further information can be found at

Three, two, one - mine: Ebay is auctioning off the craziest things - even a personal trainer. Thanks to the Björn Steiger Foundation, you can attend a personal training session with the 28-year-old kickboxing world champion Dr. Ing. Buy Christine Theiss online. The proceeds go 100 percent to the project "Save makes school".